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TensorFlow is an open source machine learning tool created by Google. Now, it’s used by Uber, Twitter, NASA, and more. Here’s why it’s so popular. Over the course of the past month, the voice on Google’s Maps service in Nigeria has sounded more, well, “Nigerian.” Directions and local street names, previously mispronounced by a default Google Fit has added some new features to its app after last year’s revamp introduced Heart Points and Move Minutes. Now users can take advantage of logging sleep patterns, mapping their routes — be

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Fans of Ice Poseidon, a popular day-in-the-life online streamer, trolled Los Angeles’ homeless population by setting up a fake shelter listing on Google Maps, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. Notice a bug? Let us know here. You can change your default home address on an iPhone in Google Maps or Apple Maps whenever you move or your current address shows up wrong.

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Goog Le Maps – If you’ve struggled to get enough shuteye during the week or achieve that summer body you’ve been lusting after, perhaps give Google Fit a try — it’s getting a fresh look. Google today Even though GPS navigation has been around for years, it was really Google Maps that changed the way we got around. It also changed the way we planned our trips, vacations, or even just a friends’ Google Assistant now integrates with Google Maps, allowing users to share destination info with others. It’s also capable of making calls, replying to texts, controlling music, and searching for

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